Middle Market


Regardless of industry or geographical location, medium-sized businesses have more insurance needs than small and start-up businesses but may not yet need the breadth of coverage types and options of larger national and international businesses. KORE Insurance Holding’s Middle Market Division provides underwriting and customer service designed for the specific needs of medium-sized businesses. Solutions proposed may include bundled products, where several different types of coverage are made available under one policy, or foundational commercial liability and property policies with additional coverages added as needed.

To help you identify your business’s specific risks and insurance coverage requirements, Hurley Agency's Middle Markets Division will need to understand your business. By asking questions designed to help us understand the products and services you offer, the geographical markets you operate in, how many employees you have and what they do for your company, your existing insurance coverage and your previous claims experience, our insurance professionals can uncover potential areas of risk you may not have recognized.

Hurley Agency's Middle Market Division works with all types of businesses and uses both “standard” insurance carriers as well as “specialty” carriers, whichever is most appropriate given your business’s unique circumstances and needs. Whether you need to protect employees, autos, business property and/or your customers, Hurley Agency works with well-known insurance carriers to help mitigate your risks. Specialty coverage and policy endorsements are available to meet less common coverage needs.

We seek to offer a one-stop, end-to-end solution for medium-sized businesses by helping analyze business risk, underwrite those risks, place coverage with competitive carriers and provide personalized and responsive client service when needed. If and when our clients experience covered losses, we assist with the claims administration process, helping to make our clients “whole” as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hurley Agency also helps middle-market clients by helping them re-evaluate their coverage periodically. A lot can change for a mid-sized business over the course of a year, so it is important to make sure your commercial insurance coverage is keeping pace and that it will be there for you if and when you need it most.

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