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Manufacturing businesses face many risks. While prevention is always the best cure for most risks, proper planning and preparation can only do so much. Which is why it’s so important to have manufacturing insurance to protect your business interests. From general insurance protection that all businesses share to insurance protection needs unique to manufacturing, we have the right protection and coverage to meet your insurance protection needs.


Why Insurance is So Important for Manufacturing Businesses


“Manufacturing” is a term that covers businesses that handle a wide range of functions in the world of business. Your business may be involved in any one of the following, or something else entirely, requiring specialized insurance protection a general business policy doesn’t provide:



  • Forming

  • Forging

  • Casting

  • Injecting

  • Fabricating

  • Engraving



Any business that works with metals and/or plastics faces similar risks to consider. Think of the tools you use on a typical day and the risks they alone pose to your workers.



  • Band saws

  • Drill Presses

  • Forges

  • Welding equipment

  • Lathes

  • Milling machines

  • Gear shapers

  • Planers

  • Grinding machines

  • Broaching machines

  • Threading machines



Operating these machines and pieces of equipment requires a certain amount of skill and experience. Even then, accidents happen, making worker’s compensation insurance, one of the most important protections you can buy to protect your people and your business interests.


What Types of Manufacturers Insurance Protection Do You Need?


Insurance is not a one size fits all business proposition. While the Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is a good place for the average business to begin, it isn’t the only policy most businesses need. This is especially the case for manufacturing businesses. These are some of the insurance products and coverages you’ll need for your manufacturing business.


Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)


The BOP offers a wide range of generalized protection for businesses. This is a bundle of different policies that offer limited coverage for the following:



  • Business property insurance. Provides protection for the property itself, inventory, machines, equipment, fixtures, etc. that are damaged by covered events.

  • General liability insurance. Provides a limited amount of general liability protection for your business from things like slips and falls on your business property.

  • Business interruption insurance. Offers protection for the loss of income that occurs when your business is forced to shut down or operate from a temporary location while repairs or rebuilding take place after a covered event.



In most cases, you will want to purchase additional liability protection, including errors and omissions, or E&O, for your business to offer protection beyond what the BOP provides.


Data Breach Insurance


Because you have information about employees and some clients on file, often stored on computer files, your business is at risk for a data breach. This insurance helps protect your business from the financial and reputation fallout that occurs in the aftermath of a data breach.


Product Recall and Replacement Coverage


Perhaps one of the most important, product recall and replacement coverage can mean the difference in whether your business survives a massive recall or not. This insurance for manufacturers offers protection to shield your business from the enormous expense of recalling products and helps you with the costs of replacing those products as well.


Equipment Breakdown Insurance


Manufacturing businesses rely on complex and costly equipment and machinery. This insurance protection helps to shield your business from the expenses of repairs when your covered equipment breaks down. This allows you to make repairs faster, so you can get back to business right away.


Umbrella Insurance


Sometimes your liability coverage is not enough to meet the judgments awarded against your business in liability cases. Umbrella insurance offers an umbrella of protection for multiple types of liability coverage. This can help when you’ve exhausted the other benefits; you still have some financial protection against the fallout of a large judgment against you or prolonged trial experience.


Inland Marine Coverage


Provides financial protection for your delicate items, equipment, and machinery while being transported. Depending on what you manufacture, this type of coverage can be essential for your business. Not only does it protect the products you make, but also equipment and materials that are being transported overland from things like damage in accidents, fire, and/or theft.


Commercial Auto


If you have vehicles that travel on behalf of your business, transport products for your business, or are driven by employees carrying out company business, you need commercial auto coverage.


Workers Compensation Insurance (WCI)


Chances are you have employees if you’re a manufacturing organization. This means you need to protect your people and your business with workers compensation coverage. This insurance offers protection for workers who are injured, become ill or are killed while on the job.


Work With the Hurley Agency for Your Manufacturing Insurance Needs


You may need other coverages through broker partnerships based on your location, the specific industry you’re manufacturing products for, and other risks you may face.


Contact us here at the Hurley Agency to learn more about the specific manufacturing insurance protection, and risk mitigation needs your business faces and how to get the right insurance protection to cover your bases. We work with small and middle-market businesses and well as in a multi-state and some multinational businesses.


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