Jewelry Coverage


Because these valuable pieces are unique to you, their protection should be unique, as well. No ordinary insurance coverage will do. Hurley Agency has the options and expertise to provide tailored coverage.

The Options. Options for insuring valuables include blanket coverage at a specific amount for a class of valuables, or an itemized schedule approach for pieces with appraisals or a combination of blanket and itemized coverage. Going global with your collection? No problem. jewelry insurance from Hurley Agency provides worldwide coverage for your valuables, in case a piece is stolen, lost or damaged during travel.

The Expertise. To provide insurance solutions for almost any budget, we partner with knowledgeable carriers. These professionals have experience and expertise in insuring valuables and are available to support you in property itemization, appraisal methods, claims settlement in the event of a loss and recovery assistance to help you get back on track.

Assistance is also available in determining loss control methods to help deter and prevent losses, thus reducing risks to property. Knowledgeable staff can guide you in analyzing risks and selecting modes of protection beyond insurance. Such protection may include enhancing property storage areas with alarms, cameras or other security means and methods.

Given the many types of insurance and personal property protection, the intricacies of the process of deciding the right coverage at the right time can be daunting. A knowledgeable insurance professional can help. When it comes to insuring valuables, the mission at Hurley Agency is to provide the personal attention you deserve.

Advice from Chubb

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