Educators Liability


The responsibilities of those who oversee the activities of educational institutions and their charges grow more and more complex, and your management and professional liability insurance should reflect this. Chubb’s comprehensive policy is designed to address the exposures created by the day-to-day operations of school districts, private or charter schools and higher educational institutions.


  • Comprehensive coverage for the daily operations of school districts, private or charter schools, and higher educational institutions

  • Distinctive and identifiable coverage grants for management liability, professional liability and EPL

    • Provides specific coverage for educational institutions’ management liability exposures, including first dollar protection for non-indemnifiable claims

    • Professional liability coverage is automatically extended to employed lawyers

  • Includes provision for modified defense outside the limits

    • Aggregate limit is not eroded by claims expenses until the Insured has incurred an equivalent amount of Claims Expenses

  • Broader definition of Damages, including:

    • Punitive and exemplary damages, where allowed

    • EPL coverage includes front and back pay

    • For EPL coverage, liquidated damages if awarded pursuant to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Equal Pay Act

  • Broader definition of Insured Educator includes:

    • Board of education, including its past, present and future members

    • Past, present and future trustees, directors, or members of the board of regents

    • Any other commissions or boards operated by the educational institution, including its past, present, and future members

    • Employees, student teachers, and volunteers acting for or on behalf of, and at the request and under the direction of, the educational institution

    • Educational executives and employees serving with an outside tax exempt entity

    • Educational executives and employees acting as directors or officers of 501c(3) non-profit organizatio

  • Broader EPL coverage, including coverage for third party EPL claims:

    • Extends EPL coverage for media liability as well as privacy liability arising out of lost computer equipment, network security breaches, and identity theft

    • Covers third party liability arising out of discrimination or harassment of non-employees by employees

  • Separate $25,000 limit for crisis management covers expenses incurred by the educational institution to hire a crisis management firm and to disseminate information regarding a specific crisis

  • Full coverage for claims arising out of Individual Education Plan (IEP)/special needs due process hearings or desegregation

  • $25,000 sublimit for claims expenses arising from breach of Fiduciary Duty claims

  • Coverage for Breach of Contract claims, including:

    • Full coverage for employment-related breach of contract claims

    • $100,000 sublimit for claims expenses arising from all other breach of contract claims

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